Maybe you’re wondering what your life could have been like had you made a different choice. Maybe you took the wrong job. Invested in the wrong company. Married the wrong person. Have you ever wondered how your life would look had you taken a different path?

The Revisitor procedure will allow you to return to any moment in your past – complete with all of your current knowledge, memories, and mental faculties – to reshape your life with new opportunities.

Launch and availability to be announced in 2018.

Our invite-only beta program is currently at maximum capacity.
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A groundbreaking new technology is on the verge of its public launch. Revisitor promises its clients a compelling offering: to turn back the clock of their life and return to any point in their past. But as its launch approaches, the world begins to question what the real costs of using the technology will be.

Revisitor is short story by Scott Wise. Its narrative is presented in textual fragments, each of which serves as a window into a fictional world where news headlines, paperbacks and editorials interweave to provide multiple perspectives on a multi-threaded storyline.

All prospective candidates of our program are required to undertake a screening process that will ultimately determine eligibility. The following pre-screening questionnaire is required by all invitees.

In order to ensure absolute honesty from our candidates, we understand the necessity for complete anonymity when completing these questions. As such we have taken steps to ensure your privacy.

Your candidate ID will be used to keep your identity anonymous. You will need to remember or store this ID in a secure location, which will be required if we invite you to a secondary screening.

Basic Profile

The following questions help Revisitor know more about you and the way you view the world. Your answers will remain entirely confidential.

Hypothetical Situations

Your answers to the following four situations will help us understand how you make decisions. Answer all questions honestly.

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